VitusCMS development stopped.

14/06/11: door Admin

VitusWare has stopped VitusCMS development in favor of Etomite.

We have made the decision to stop the development of VitusCMS core in favor of Etomite.
VitusCMS has since the last update been in heavy weather, due to medical and other time consuming issues New version were suspended and some were never realised, hence new versions were never out of beta.

Etomite has a big supporting community, and a bigger usage,

We are asked and agreed to join Etomite,
Etomite and VitusCMS share the same code-base and have since gone their separate ways.
It is in our both interest to join forces.

We do not stop the development and support of our implemented software, VitusCMS will be replaced by Etomite on the installed system, but other VitusWare software will not change, this is only for VitusCMS systems.

Also all of the Special Snippets and chinks will be converted for the use in Etomite. but there will be updates and development for the VitusCMS Snippets and Templates to be used in VitusCMS until further notice.

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